Monday, December 19, 2011

The Heisman Comes Home

Last Wednesday (yes, I'm behind, why do you ask?) evening, Tonto and I took the girl to the men's basketball game. We even ponied up some money and bought real tickets (as opposed to getting the freebies by using my Baylor ID - didn't want y'all to think we're counterfeiting athletic stubs in our spare time) so my man would have to climb 47 stairs.

His knee is still rather temperamental and apparently it is truly not a fan of these winter fronts that keep blowing in and out like my bangs without the proper amount of hair product.

But I digress...

Anyway, we wanted to see the men's team in person because they are truly human highlight reels this year. Absolutely. Amazing.

There was a little extra incentive for this particular contest, though, because the Heisman Trophy and its winner had made its way back to Waco.

But first there was the always exciting welcoming of the team while the lights are out and my camera wants to use a flash that it is forbidden in the Ferrell Center.

Coach Drew was fiery this particular evening. Reminded me of The Coach Kim Show... :-)

There was some great basketball played by our guys. In fact, the other team only scored 16 points in the first half. Pierre Jackson (aka P-Jack) is #55 below and is one of my absolute favorite players ever. His enthusiasm and 40+ inch vertical make my heart smile.

Every school has a Heisman Cam, right?

And more great defense...

And then it was time... welcome RG3 and his new hardware back home!



amazing, friends. And the One More Year chant made my day. Mainly because that's what has been echoing in my head for several weeks now. Imagine what we could do next year if Griffin stays at Baylor!

No matter his decision, we'll still be able to watch Rob and his amazing teammates one more time at the Alamo Bowl. Cannot. Wait.

No matter what happens there, though, we'll always have this....

And, behold, we have seen the Heisman Trophy with our own eyes and are filled with great joy!