Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What I Learned From My Daughter

My daughter has repeatedly proven that she's more hip than her mother. More creative. More boho chic. Has more concern for her fellow man. Loves animals like they are human. And on and on and on...

I know this sounds like a mother just tooting the horn of her child and, to be frank, I'm sure some of it is; however, she continues to teach me lessons about life each and every day.

Some fun.

Some not.

Some eye-opening.

Some just silly.

Last week was no exception.

You see, I checked her lunch account one day last week and saw that even though I had replenished her funds when school began again and had been packing her lunch every day (with the exception of one), entire meals were being purchased. One each day.

And I was confused.

And immediately jumped to the worst (and wrong) conclusions: a) she was asking me to make her lunch and just choosing to eat something else or b) she was loading up on carbs and calories for the entire day during the noon hour.

Neither were true.

I texted my man. 

His first words, "Casi, she's helping a friend. I just know it."

So I waited until I knew she was on the bus after school and, as it turns out, one of her friends was staying with her grandparents while her parents were out of town and she had no lunch money. No sack lunch.

Taylor insisted on bringing her lunch every day that week so that she would have enough money to purchase food and drink for her pal. 


She's cool, fresh, funky and - most of the time - fancy free.

But she also loves unconditionally. Isn't afraid of a little sacrificial giving. (Let's be honest, she probably would have preferred school lunch over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at least once or twice.) And she is more compassionate at age 11 than I am at 32. Sad but true...

She inspires me. And I am ever so grateful God chose me to be her mommy.

(Note: we had just dried her hair in this picture. That's why her shirt is wet...)


Ang said...

That warms my heart! What a terrific testimony of a servant-leader in your sweet daughter.