Friday, January 21, 2011

Puppy Love

Last weekend was one of those that could be classified as both "the best of times and the worst of times." Not because anything major was going on but because Tay and I had a three-day weekend while Tonto was beginning a six-day stretch of 12-hour shifts.

That's 72 hours if my math is correct, which is a lot, friends.

Particularly when you have a bunch of rodeo injuries that flare up when the weather is cold and/or wet. Last weekend (and most of this week) presented us with both. :-(

The girl and I cleaned house most of the day Saturday but took a quick break for some silly photos because, well, it was a three-day weekend and what good is the extra day if you don't have some random photos to show for it on your blog.


Prissy apparently decided turn about was fair play because she decided to use Tay as a pillow. Ironic because the girl has used sweet Priss as a place to lay her head for as long as I can remember. Now Rambo has decided it's a comfy place for his noggin' as well.

The ever elusive Perkie was kicking up dust around the house while running from the camera so, alas, I can't share her sweet self though I can tell you she's lost some weight recently and is lookin' good. Prissy has lost about 20 pounds as well. Poor girl was having some major hip problems and the vet thought the thing that would help the most was losing those extra pounds.

Turns out Priss and I have more in common than I thought...

Anyway, this guy likes to pose for the camera but not when he's running around a million miles an hour trying to wreak havoc on everything that dares to move or look at him cross-eyed in a 3-mile radius. That probably explains the "let me go - I've got things to do" look in his eye.

But he's still cute. And I find the girl pretty stunning as well but maybe that's just because I'm her mama?

Anyway, we finished up the house and then headed to the movie theater to see Yogi Bear. It was super cute, way cheesy and a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon. It was also only 90 minutes long so I didn't even have time to get antsy or wonder if the movie would ever end.

Clearly I'm not a theatrical buff but, hey, she still sees all of the kid movies in a timely manner. I promise. :-)

At least all of the ones that are appropriate anyway.

And don't include things that are blowing up.

After the movie I'm pretty sure I made dinner and then tried to convince the laundry to fold itself but I can't really remember what we ate so I guess it wasn't worth sharing a recipe...

Sunday included church, more down time and another dinner I can't remember anything about. You'd think I would be really skinny with this problem but, alas, you would not be correct. I do know that we had a delightful (though dreary) trip to the zoo on Monday. Turns out brisk weather makes both the animals and my daughter want to take pictures.

Who knew?

I have tons o' photos to share of that but will bid you adieu for the weekend now because, well, I'm looking forward to seeing Tonto again. You know, other than watching him sleep... :-)