Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's that thing about the apple and the tree?

So, one of the sacrifices I generally have to make when it comes to getting good pictures of Miss Thang is that I have to allow her to take a couple of me as well. Then I have to promise to share them on the blog. And since she's now old enough to check out her own blog, let's just say she keeps me honest.

Quite frankly, that totally sounds like some bargain I would make so I really can't complain. And I'm embracing the times she actually wants to be photographed with me these days (or is even willing to talk to me) because we are smack dab in the middle of the 'tween attitude. I'd love to tell you that it's not that bad, doesn't sometimes make me want to pull my hair out and/or scream and/or cry but I can't. What I can tell you is that it makes me laugh (in an ironic sort of way) many times.

Because you know that ol' adage about the apple not falling far from the tree? It's sooooo true, y'all.

But I love my girl madly and I know she'll grow out of it. She'll eventually turn into a full blown teenager and then I'm not sure how many of these smiles I'll be able to muster.
But I'm confident it will all work out eventually. I mean, it only took until I turned 30 before my mom and I began seeing eye to eye again. I'd like to improve on that so I'm shooting for Tay being 29.

I know, such an over-achiever.

Happy Wednesday!