Monday, January 25, 2010

Randomocity Like You've Never Before Seen

A couple of weekends ago, my girl needed some down time. And, by down time, I mean she needed to catch up on some major sleep. She's been battling allergies for quite some time now and has also entered into that glorious stage of childhood when you have bad dreams. While she doesn't have them that often right now, this particular week she'd had several in a row and had trouble getting back to sleep after each. 

Needless to say, she was a bit tired...

Pajama Day was also on its way so we picked up a new pair of SpongeBob PJ's and just let the little one catch zzzz's at her leisure. Let's just say she had a LOT of leisure this particular weekend. :-)

But she looked adorable...
Obviously pre-haircut, right? 
Another glorious thing happened recently as Tay's stuffed Snow Pup and Eddie arrived. We got her Snow Buddies and Snow White for Christmas and, apparently, when you buy both of them you get these two little guys for free. (And, by free, they mean you'll only have to pay $6 in shipping and handling.) 
They piled up in my bed along with Panda and Tay to watch a bit o' football. She kept telling me "they just want to see a touchdown." Isn't that true for all of us? Just want to see someone be victorious, live the dream, and have a bit o' integrity while doing so?

Ok, that was a serious rabbit trail.

But these guys are still adorable.
Ironically enough, we spent most of this past weekend doing the same activities as are shown here. I can't even describe how much better I feel after getting over strep (that is definitely a kid's illness - they're more resilient :-) but we are all suffering from cedar fever. It's brutal this year, y'all. 

So we took it easy and only made trips out of the house to have lunch on Saturday and then hit Wal-Mart (groceries were a necessity after Little Miss accidentally left the fridge door open all day Friday). We didn't even make it to church yesterday as Tay had another bad dream (first one in about 10 days) and was up several hours Saturday night. She slept until noon yesterday, Dave catnapped after taking some sinus meds and I did a great deal of work on my FB farm. 

Yes, you read that correctly. It was sorely needed.

We then all watched the Saints beat the Vikings last night for their first trip ever to the Superbowl. Yes, Lord. :-)

I must admit to having lost my religion a few times while watching the game. What can I say? I'm a passionate fan. And, by passionate, I mean that I lose my ever-lovin' mind when the one team I TRULY care about in the NFL almost allows someone to come into their house and make them look like fools.

Happy Monday!