Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On the Wings of a...Holiday

Look who's making progress on her therapy!!!! I had to share this picture (even though it's terrible quality because all pics in this post were taken with my Blackberry) because Tay has worked SO HARD on getting her arm straight again. We've made definite progress so thank you, thank you, thank you for the many prayers. (Note: I did not cut the child's head off because I wanted to. I did it because she told me that was a prerequisite to me being able to "send it off to the internet.")

We had a wonderful weekend. Truly fantastic. And desperately needed. For real. Davey had to work on Saturday and Sunday so Tay and I hung out, did laundry, attended the Baylor Bears basketball game against Oklahoma State (which we won, by the way!), went to church, got haircuts...you know, girl stuff.

Dave and I had planned to take the little one somewhere fun yesterday since we were all home for the MLK holiday but Miss Thang decided she'd rather hang out with her friends at daycare. It seems they don't get much "play time" during the week so she "just wanted to be with her friends...with no commitments..."

Yes, friends, the time has come where her friends are cooler than her mom.

And I'm ok with that. For the moment. 

Anyway, we dropped her off and headed to the gym. After a great workout we picked up some dog food (exciting, I KNOW) and went home to hang out together for the remainder of the day. Fantabulous doesn't even begin to describe it...

I did take some pics of Tay's new haircut but haven't downloaded them yet...I'll try to do that tonight, though. Right after I hit the Zumba circuit for the fourth day in a row. Don't even talk to me about my quads. They are rebelling.

Big time.

One more thing...

WHO DAT, Y'ALL!!!!!!