Thursday, October 15, 2009

Imparting Baylor Wisdom...

One of the best things about being back at Baylor - as an employee - is the opportunity to interact with our students. They are, after all, the entire reason we're here. Why we do what we do. And, as some might say, are our bread and butter.

During the first six weeks of the fall semester we now have a class called University 1000 where faculty/executive staff have a chance to facilitate discussions with a group of freshmen about non-academic issues. Things like friendship and what role it plays in your college experience, the value of integrity, etc.

While I did facilitate a class last fall, I must go ahead and tell you that this fall's class was absolutely amazing. This group came ready to interact each and every week. They had insight well beyond their years. And, quite frankly, they were just so much stinkin' fun to be around I could hardly stand myself.

For our last class, which actually was held on Tay's fateful accident day, I asked the group to meet me at the Judge Baylor statue in the middle of campus for a group photo. While I'm rather certain it was not the first of its kind for many in my group (had lots of legacies), I do know these are photos I will treasure for a lifetime.

They are a fabulous group. See?

I will never forget the discussions we had during our visits together. And, no, I don't think the candy I brought each week was the reason they were so willing to chat about deep topics. :-)

Sic 'em, Class of 2013!