Monday, October 26, 2009

Creepy Crawly Spiders

So it's Monday. And we had a really busy Homecoming weekend. Dave's finally recovering from H1N1 but is still very weak. Last week was, without sounding like I'm a whiner, exhausting with a sick hubby and a still rather dependent child. 

I now have the sinus junk that's going around. Today's better than yesterday because my sinuses aren't so full that my teeth hurt. We'll call that the good news.

The even better news is that I just scored this photo of the entire 4th grade class at Woodway Elementary. They're wearing spider web t-shirts that they made in school week before last. Aren't they cute?

Can you spot Tay? Hint: She's wearing a black shirt. And she's the only one with her arm in a sling.

Tonight I'll upload Fall Fest and Homecoming pics. So tomorrow should be prettier here in blogland. 

Until then, I'll be blowing my nose repeatedly.