Monday, October 19, 2009

Big Brother

One person who we don't talk about a lot on this blog is Tay's stepbrother, Logan. In fact, Tay also has a stepsister named Samantha. They live with their mom in a neighboring suburb of big ol' Waco and are quite a bit older than my little one (17 and 19 to be exact) so they are busy with their own work/school/extracurricular activities.

This past weekend, though, Logan came to hang out with us to celebrate Tay's birthday. Had had to work Saturday morning so he couldn't join us for the party but he did enjoy leftover pizza (and a LOT of it - teenage boys can put away some food!) and we enjoyed having him over.

One thing you need to know about Tay and Logan is that they fight like any normal brother and sister but they really like each other a lot too. Since they were in a loving mood (and Logan had just gotten all spiffed up to go on a date to the fair) I whipped out my camera to catch some sibling smiles.

Did I mention both have a propensity for goofiness?
Aren't they cute?
Tay loved having Logan over to play with (apparently she needs a break from us once in a while :-) and we are ecstatic to have pictures proving they love each other! Everyone wins...