Friday, November 14, 2008

Battle of the Brazos

Where's Waldo?

This weekend the Aggies will invade our quiet town as the Bears play them at Floyd Casey tomorrow afternoon. While Dave loves A&M, he will be cheering for the Bears while wearing his Baylor polo. I offered to buy him one of BU's 'It's time for a whooping' t-shirts but he declined. I can't imagine

Anyway, it's been a pretty good week. Tay and I saw the high school's production of Beauty and the Beast on Monday evening, which was phenomenal!! We had Open House at her school on Tuesday, gym on Wednesday and dance last night. Tomorrow is the last soccer game of the season and I truly couldn't be more excited about that--it's been a long couple of months.

She also seems to have mastered those multiplication problems and made a 90 on Wednesday's timed test. We'll see how she does today...I'm happy with the 90 but she wants to get a 100...can't blame her for trying!

Let's see...not much else going on...two more weeks until my surgery so I'm taking iron, vitamins, etc. that I was told would help in the healing process. And I had a dream last night that I woke up from surgery and they decided not to do it...just to let me sleep and get some rest because I looked like I needed it. They offered to do the actual procedure next March. WHAT?!?!?! My subconscious must be more torn up than I am consciously because I haven't had any worry or anxiety...thank you, Lord...

I'm sure we'll have great pictures from the weekend on Monday but I didn't have any new ones to share today. No pics during the play, no reason to take them at Open House and we've kind of been boring this week....sometimes boring is good :-)