Monday, June 9, 2008

Music, Missions and More...

Waco has a series of summer concerts each year called Brazos Nights. They are free and are held downtown by the Suspension Bridge. We didn't realize they began in April so we missed two of the four offerings but did make it out on Friday to see Kimberly Kelly (a cute girl from Lorena who's got a fabulous voice), Tommy Alverson (who I hear is big when it comes to Texas country music but I hadn't heard of him before), and Billy Jo Shaver (most recently known for a scuffle after one of his shows).

We packed our cooler and chairs and headed down to Indian Spring Park about 6 o'clock Friday evening. Tay was first in line to purchase her 'jump all night' bracelet. One of the area inflatable dealers brought out two really big bounce houses so it was a definite bargain--only $5 for all night entertainment! Then she headed over to have her face painted (also first in line--can you tell we were a bit early?)...I didn't go with her as we were sitting only a few feet away. After she came back with a large black bat--with glitter, no less--painted on her cheek, I think that may have been an error in judgment...but she was really happy with it.

Next, we had to check out all the different types of was dinner time!! We enjoyed burgers and hot dogs before Miss Tay bounded off to jump again. Then came the most difficult decision of the evening--dessert!! Should we share a funnel cake or a caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Candy Company. Since it was 97 degrees outside, we opted for the funnel cake thinking the apple may melt. We were the first customers of the evening so Tay got to watch them make the funnel cake and she thought it was really fascinating. It was yummy, that's for sure.

After picking up frisbees, stress balls in the shape of a turkey, pencils, erasers and fans from the vendors who were out, Tay decided it was time for a snow cone. Can you tell she wasn't that into the music? Again, only a few feet away so I let her choose the flavor. Again, an error in judgment...she came back with a watermelon snow cone, took two bites and left me with the melting concoction while she colored fish under a tent.

By this time, Billy Jo was on his way to the stage and Miss Tay was tired with a capital T...she had played outside at the park most of the day with daycare (and kicked two homeruns in the kickball game!!!) so she was ready for bed. We caught two songs from Mr. Shaver--who, surprisingly enough, was really electric on stage--before heading for the truck. Tay later said she was surprised she didn't fall asleep on the way home. That surprised me as well but she did go straight to bed when we got home.

On Saturday, we had a wedding to attend so Tay headed to Nana and Boppy's house for some fun. She went with them to the mission church and had "lemonade Nana made, corn Boppy made, Dr. Pepper made by the Dr. Pepper Company and chicken from Bush's." She had a great time and enjoyed playing with their dog and cat in addition to attending regular church on Sunday.

We had a nice time at the wedding but came home early so we could get up in time for church on Sunday (we are definitely getting old--I didn't even stay for a piece of cake). Church was really nice except that Dave had some type of stomach flu all day...he's recovering today. While watching the race I asked him to breathe the other way and got out the Lysol :-)...

We met up late afternoon in Lorena so Tay could come home and finish cleaning her room (that's another story...and not really a fun one). She was super excited about daycare this morning as they have lots planned this week--kickball, skating, a play, the water park and a movie.

Stay tuned for pictures...