Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Long week...

Don't have a lot to tell today or any pictures to share. Just wanted say we are still alive even though the blog has been quiet. This week is Vacation Bible School. Fortunately, our church has it from 6:30-9:15pm each night so Tay can attend after I get off work. Unfortunately, it makes for a really long day and we're both dragging today. In fact, Tay took a 2-hour nap yesterday at daycare so I KNEW she was EXHAUSTED!

It's most definitely worth it, though, as she's having a blast. She hasn't really made too many friends at this church and has been hesitant to attend activities because she didn't know anyone. In true Taylor fashion, once she dove into the fray she made tons of friends (she really is quite the social butterfly once but doesn't always have a great deal of confidence in those skills) on the first day and has insisted on being there every night since. She's having a blast and, since she's doing the same VBS--Outrigger Island--with Nana in July, she's also gathering decorating ideas!!

Wow, I meant for this to be short but now...not so much, huh? Anyway, I'll take pictures of Island Tay and get them up early next week. One thing is for sure--after golf lessons on Saturday, I'm pretty sure we'll crash!