Friday, June 6, 2008

Mom, it's bigger than you think it is...

As most know, I returned to Baylor University last month--this time as an employee. Apparently Miss Tay has been chatting with her friends at school and daycare about Mom's new workplace...unbeknownst to me. Last night, we headed into Hewitt to have fajitas for dinner and Taylor sat me down to get a few things straight. First, she asked both Dave and me what we had for lunch and told us what she'd enjoyed (this is a new daily ritual--not sure where it came from).

Well, yesterday I invited Dave to come and have lunch with me on campus at one of the residential dining halls. The only one open during the summer is Penland, which is just across the way from the dorm where I lived as a freshman...needless to say, I'm pretty familiar with this particular eating establishment :-). It's the largest one on campus so there are more choices for lunch than most people can imagine, complete with pizza station, deli, rotisserie, etc. My favorite area, though, is the massive dessert station. It has all kinds of cakes, pies and parfaits in addition to soft serve ice cream and any type of Blue Bell ice cream bar you want.

So when Dave picked Tay up from summer camp, he told her all about it...I didn't know this until after the fact but that conversation apparently lead Tay to remember some other conversations she'd had with classmates (some of whose parents also work at Baylor) and it all culminated in one of the most amusing statements I've heard from her in a while...are you ready for it?

"Mom, I know you went school at Baylor and think you know all about it but I think you should know it's really much bigger and complex than you realize."

Is that not one of the funniest things you've ever heard? Needless to say, we'll be heading to Penland for breakfast next Saturday morning (this weekend is out due to a wedding) telling how I'll get straightened out once she actually visits campus!