Thursday, September 10, 2015

Surfside and Sleepy

We made good on our decision to spend vacation Wednesday being lazy, no doubt.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Exhibit C.

Exhibit D. And I'm pretty sure the older girls only made it downstairs to sit on the side of the pool on this day. Didn't even get in the water. :)

It was a good day indeed.

 On Thursday, we drove to Pensacola Beach and had a belated birthday lunch for Tonto at Flounder's. Taylor, Dave and I ate there years ago on our way back from Disney World. And it's still just as good today as it was then. After lunch we headed over to the souvenir store next door (Tiny had to walk herself, clearly) so the teenagers could get a t-shirt to prove they had been in Pensacola.

My parents decided to hang out in Pensacola for a while and I'm pretty sure they even drove on to Destin at some point but the girls, Dave and I went back to Alabama and hung out here (view from the pool).

Tiny spend this day eating ice. Which she's done every day since, I'm almost certain. She looooooves it.

It was a beautiful afternoon...

...that we enjoyed immensely...

...before heading over to Gulf Shores for a little mini golfing. It's just kind of our thing.

Tiny really wanted to play. But it was soooooo hot outside that she and Dad went back to the arcade where we learned the girl is a GAMER.

After the teens and I finished golf and some go-carting, they got in a few games of shuffleboard before we had dinner at Zaxby's. We tried it because we always hear about it and, yes, their chicken is good. But we're so spoiled by Bush's and Cane's because their chicken was TINY. But, still, good.

We ended another fun day with a beautiful sunset. And some Rita's custard.

But we were also a little sad because Tiny was leaving the following morning with Nana and Boppy. They were going back to Maw Maw's for an extra night and we had a great time with the older girls but it's always hard to see her go. Was a super fun evening, though. :)