Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Beachin' & Shoppin'

Our beach adventures took a somewhat different turn on Monday as we headed out to do some shopping at the outlet mall in Foley. Before we headed there, though, we did some early morning beach walking.

The sky that morning was absolutely stunning.

And, honestly, one of my favorite things to do at the beach is watch the sky - particularly at sunrise and sunset. Which is amusing because I pretty much ONLY do this while at the beach.

This was also the day Tiny discovered the chairs lining the beach in front of our condo. She climbed on these pretty much every day after and it may have been her very favorite part of the trip.

After a trip to Lambert's (where they actually throw food at you) for lunch and a pretty successful trip to the outlet mall, we came back to the condo and hit the beach. Again.

And while many children like the water and hate the sand, Tiny was the exact opposite. She loved the sand more this day than any other, though, and really enjoyed us burying her legs. Over and over and over again. happy place.

And two of the three girlies who make my heart happy on a consistent basis.

We ordered pizza this night while Nana and Boppy went out to dinner. One of our takeaways from this trip is that Alabama cannot compare to Texas when it comes to pizza. There are a lot of positives to this particular area of the Gulf Coast but homemade, mom and pop pizza is not one of those things.

We were all in bed early because the next morning was to be one of the highlights of our vacation - a trip to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo! :)