Monday, August 10, 2015

Country Girl in the Making

Despite my penchant for city comforts and, well, Starbucks, it seems my baby girl is becoming more country as the summer blazes on. Paw Paw bought some acreage and got some goats. And Tiny looooves them. Perhaps more than they love her tugging on their tails. :)

She also really enjoyed climbing up on the tractor.


Ahhh...this girl. She's gonna give me grey hair daily. But she's definitely worth it. 

On Friday we made a trip to Rogers and picked up Taylor's new show goat, Gus. Tiny was asleep when we got him but woke when we met Nana and Boppy so she could spend the night with them while Taylor and I shopped for back to school clothes. She was realllllly curious when she woke up. And alternated between wanting to pet him and be afraid of him.

This boy is so sweet it's gonna be difficult to not get attached. Last time that happened we ended up not being able to sell Bruiser and found him a new home.

So here's hoping I (and the rest of my family) can remain somewhat distant until early March. :)

And let's not forget sweet Dottie is suffering through being pregnant in 100+ degree temps. Bless her heart - she is large and in charge - and we're sure hoping to have a healthy calf at the end of next month. And we're also hoping it will be a GIRL so we won't have to go heifer shopping since Dottie will age out in early 2016.

So, yeah, I now have two country girls. But as long as I can continue wearing bling to stock shows, all is well.