Wednesday, August 5, 2015

An African Safari Sidebar

The morning after Sea World got a bit of a late start. We all kind of felt this way but only Tiny is small and cute enough to pull off a pic taken while sleeping that's acceptable for posting.

We eventually mustered enough energy to have breakfast and get dressed before saying a quick goodbye to the mesmerizing (to some) fountain and head back north. 

We had initially planned to hit the Riverwalk; however, there was a HUGE convention being held there and none of us are really all about big crowds. So then we decided to hit the outlet malls. But then we saw a sign for Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch and decided that sounded like a much more fun adventure.

I mean, who doesn't like an African safari type animal experience?

Now, I'm not gonna lie - we were all a little less than impressed with the actual experience. It appeared as though no one in front of us had ever seen a deer before because they just stopped their vehicles and stared at every single one for a loooong time.

But we did have a few interesting encounters. They said not to hand feed the animals but everyone else was so we may have done so as well.

We made a few friends...

...and even somehow convinced Tonto to drive through a second time so we could see the entire park.

And then we got stuck behind another caravan and we literally sat still for longer than I care to mention. Clearly Taylor took advantage of the situation for a little relaxation.

But we did find a few more friends the second time around.

And, though we paid way too much for this adventure (who charges per person instead of per car for this type of activity???), we still managed to feed some animals, learned that Tiny has an affinity for the feed they provide for said animals, and have some new memories to laugh about.

Which is exactly what it's all about.