Monday, March 31, 2014

Midway Show & Sale (aka Goodbye, Forrest!)

Between the county show and Midway show, so many things happened. There was much packing, a lot of stress, some tears and many changes in store. But, when the time came to say goodbye to our little buddy, we were all a bit of melancholy.

I mean, y'all, look at him! Precious.

We tried to pretend all was going to be just fine while watching the chicken, lamb and pig shows. And even got in a few laughs at the old timers' show.

Taylor's sweet friend, Aija, and her mom came out to support her. And sweet A found a new love - rabbits!

Eventually it was Forrest's turn in the ring. And he was mostly compliant. :-)

But the big goal of the day is to sell your animal. And we were so thankful to have met one of the buyers - Jose from Italian Granite - a few minutes before it began. Because, friends, he paid well for the guy. And she also got a few add-ons (that we know of) in the process.

Someone was excited.

And, as the bids went up and up and up, she also stood up straighter and straighter and straighter. Even had a bit of sass about her before it was all over.

And the best news of all is that little Forrest didn't have to go on the meat market truck. Such. A. Blessing.

And, with that, we bid adieu to another livestock season. One that was not quite what we thought it would be and caused us to completely rethink what type of animal Taylor would be showing in future seasons.

But that's another story for another day. :-)