Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekend Wonder

So this week has been back to our usual routine. You know, volleyball, livestock, school, work, gym, people who want to eat three times a day AND wear clean clothes. And me who insists on doing all of these things in a fairly clean house. 

There's also a lot of chatter/stress/activity around where we'll be living next year. And where. And in what type of dwelling. So it's been all of the kinds of crazy that I love this week. There are many types of crazy that I do not deal well with; however, we're good at the moment.

Though Tonto has to work this weekend, the girl and I will be heading out of town to Kyle to kickoff club volleyball season. Sooooo excited about this year. For a variety of reasons. Not the least of which is SHE is more excited about her team and feels more comfortable than last year. 

Something similar to this will be my view all day tomorrow...

...and I can't wait. :-)