Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Eve Shenanigans

With my family in Louisiana and Tonto working (a LOT) during Christmas week, the three of us (plus the Puppy Posse) had a rather unconventional Christmas Eve. Because we were going really untraditional, Taylor picked the menu for the evening, which had a decided Tex-Mex flair: King Ranch Casserole, homemade salsa, a replica of Chuy's jalapeno ranch dip, green salad (ok, that one was my idea) and candy brownies.

The jalapeno ranch won the girl's heart that night, though...

After dinner, it was time to open presents. Well, basically it was time for Taylor and the pups to open presents. I got this beautiful (and already used a whole bunch of times) item a few days before.

This year the pups really enjoyed opening presents...

...after much inspection...

...they finally ripped into them...

...while Baby Blue was just trying to figure out what the heck was going on.

No worries - they had a ball tearing up their new toys. Boys will be boys, I guess. The girls enjoyed tasty treats while they exerted a whole lot of energy.

Tonto wants a new grill but I wasn't about to pick that out myself. Or in the middle of winter. So the girl got him things he LOVES but will NOT buy for himself: trail mix and cashews. Pretty sure he's never been more happy with a gift.

The rest of the opening was left to the girl...

...who did pretty darn well if you ask me. :-)

Particularly since the two large gifts she asked for aren't pictured. She picked up some new boots (because I don't pick out shoes or clothes for this child) the day after Christmas and is getting a new show box before County in February.

And, of course, I had to take a photo of the tree. This year I put everything up except the tree while Tonto was working one day. Then I did the tree on a Friday evening while watching the Christmas episode of Glee. It was quite the enjoyable evening.

After all the gifts were unwrapped and order had been restored, we settled in for an evening of the Duck Dynasty board game (super FUN) and college football. 

A quiet, sweet, Christmas Eve that was out of the norm but will probably go down as one of my favorites of all time. :-)