Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weekly Top 10 - Lazy Summer Days Edition

1. There's really not a whole lot going on in our lives right now except that the (incredibly) lazy days of summer are upon us. The girl is enjoying a two-week stint of unscheduled time before the next wave of camps we're pretty much just hanging out and enjoying the down time.

2. We're supposed to be tubing today to kickoff my birthday week (yes, I'll be 29 yet again) but it's been storming all week so Tonto was a bit hesitant to take T and one of her friends on a swift running river. And by "hesitant," I mean he refused. So I'm at my desk instead...

3. The Baylor Bookstore hosted a launch party for the EA Sports NCAA Football '13 game on Tuesday. It was fun to say that I was there (and to see RG3 on the cover!) but it just confirmed that I am NOT a gamer.

4. So ready for football season I can hardly stand it.

5. Citrus Cooler is my all-time favorite flavor of Gatorade. So thankful it's finally back on the shelves.

6. Got to see my buddy, David Smoak, who is the voice of ESPN 1660 (flagship of BU)...

7. We were going to do our photoshoot on Monday with my dad's hot rod. Since it was cancelled, we now have a long-term visitor. Tonto falls in love with it a bit more each day... :-)

8. What to do when you're craving sweets but aren't eating carbs? Homemade whipped cream. With a spoon. 

9. Tonto worked all night Friday (unexpectedly) so he tried out a 6-hour power drink on Saturday. All I could say was YUCK.

10. I'm not sure he's ever worked nights since we brought Rambo home. Which is probably why he spent the entire night like this...