Monday, July 9, 2012

Let Freedom Ring!

So I'm late on posting about Fourth of July. But, hey, what else is new, friends...

Dave had to work because, well, hospitals never close and neonate patients certainly don't take a day off so it was just me and the girl. We had a tremendously busy day that started by joining my parents for the big parade in Downtown Belton. It's a tradition they started with her when she was super young and, in fact, my dad has been going since he was a little boy.

Aren't they precious?

 This one seriously has my heart, y'all. She's been so much fun this summer and seems to be coming out of the surly 'tween mode every once in a while. So. Incredibly. Thankful.

Obligatory parade pics...

And more of our entourage...

This little boy was sitting in front of us and fell in love with my mom. Or maybe her popcorn. It's a toss up. Anyway, he sat in her lap almost the entire time. He was adorable.

After the parade, we headed to my parents' house where we took even more - gasp! - photos. Honestly, Donny and I are very rarely photographed together (we're generally taking the pics) so it's kind of a monumental occasion.

She was horrified that our clothing coordinated but, hey, it's only the 4th once a year.

And another just for giggles.

After an amazing - and amusing - lunch, the girl and I headed back to Waco and saw "The Amazing Spiderman." It was really good. Tonto doesn't do comic book superhero movies so this is kind of a girl thing. Which seems totally backward.

Once he finally got off, we headed to George's for dinner (note: it's DEAD on the 4th), came home to watch the new episode of "Dallas" (I'm obsessed. Takes me back to my childhood), and then the girl and I went to my office. I'm lucky because my windows overlook the city's fireworks show. From the 7th floor you can pretty much see anything you want in this town. And it's air conditioned.  :-)

All in all, it was an AMAZING holiday. Kind of weird being in the middle of the week but I was so thankful to spend it with (almost) all of the people I love most.