Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tiny Takes The Fair

So. We clearly spent a lot of time at the HOT Fair & Rodeo this year. And with both the steer and heifer shows, including load-in days, that meant we had a bit of time to explore on several different occasions.

Our first outing with Soph was right as the midway opened up one day. Taylor was with us and immediately won her sister a stuffed Nemo throwing darts at balloons. Of course, Soph then decided she wanted to play a game of her own. She chose the duck game - which was Taylor's very first foray into the fair as well 14 years prior...

...and she insisted on choosing this green, inflatable alien. She loved it dearly. And eventually bit him, causing a hole that ended his life. Though his time with us was short, Soph loved him a lot. :)

We also visited the Geico booth that day where she came away with two stuffed geckos that became dear friends immediately. And we spent some time shopping in the vendors' area as well where Taylor bought a friend a diary cow pillow pet as a birthday gift - along with one for her self. Soph also confiscated the "cooow" very quickly as well.

Basically, she believes all stuffed animals are hers. Period. End of story.

The next week we brought Soph back for an extended fair experience while Taylor was working as a Sweetheart being T-Bone's escort. We wanted to see Taylor in the rodeo and give Soph a chance to have some fun as well. Her first choice was the carousel, which she found a bit scary at first. But when you have Daddy, you find the bravery to try. :)

She and I then tried out the mini train. Unfortunately, she's still a bit too short to ride many of the offerings. So we had to pick and choose our options.

Maybe next year the ferris wheel will be on the table...

...but, since that wasn't an option this time around, Soph wanted to try the carousel again. And this time around she needed no help at all. Or so she thought.

She also found a new inflatable friend. And danced adorably with him until Daddy went to get more tokens...

...which allowed him to become hers forever. And, thankfully, he has not met an early demise like the little green alien.

We soon headed inside for the rodeo action and she spent a lot of time climbing, trying out multiple seats, and hanging on Daddy.

This pic I took during the steer show basically sums up Soph's feelings about the fair. She thought it was fun. BIG. FUN.

But the popcorn may just have been her favorite.

Right behind getting to spend so much time with her biggest fan and idol. Her Sissy.