Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fourth of July

Fourth of July. Happens every year and is truly one of my favorite holidays. Mainly because it's patriotic. And relaxed. And includes fireworks.

But - I'm not gonna lie - the last few years I've found it difficult to actually get out of the house and celebrate said holiday. Crowds aren't really my thing, the teen thinks she's too old for a parade, and the little one was a hot allergy mess last year.

But this year we forced ourselves to have a bit of fun. Sure, we could've braved the parade or hosted a giant family BBQ. But we didn't. We did, however, have a bit of family time together. And it was perfect. For us. 

And that's all that truly matters, right?

So the truth of our semi-active day goes a little like this, friends. We thought about going to the parade but didn't. So we watched a bit of it on television. And then Tiny fell asleep. It was about that time I remembered we had some Hawaiian Falls passes from the granite company we're using on the house so...Tiny went to the water park!

And she looked ADORABLE!

And she played.

And enjoyed the water. As long as Daddy was close by. :)

After several hours of fun in the sun - and at least half a bottle of baby sunscreen for our fair li'l one - we headed to pick up Sissy and someone took a nap before we headed to Valley Mills for a fireworks show. This was the first time we went to this particular location but I'd heard it was less crowded - it was - and more family friendly - also true. 

There was a fireworks stand and the kiddos were able to shoot them on one of the little league fields. And when it was finally time for the big show, it lasted 30+ minutes. Holy. Cow. The longest show I've ever seen, y'all!

Miss Thang loved the fireworks. Again, as long as Daddy was close by. And, yes, the teen even accompanied us. Though she definitely was NOT going to allow photographic evidence. 

All in all, a sweet, peaceful, still patriotic Fourth of July.