Thursday, June 18, 2015

Call of the Wild

Because of the unusual monsoon season we've been experiencing in Central Texas for far too many months, our outdoor activities have been somewhat limited. We wanted desperately to take Tiny to the zoo but the opportunities seemed to evade us...until Memorial Day. :)

She donned her finest patriotic accessories, hopped into the stroller (for a few minutes anyway) and became immediately fascinated by the various animals. It was an unseasonably cool - and less than 85% humidity - so it ended up being the perfect zoo day.

Told ya she only spent a few minutes in the stroller - she likes to be at eye level with the tallest person in attendance at any given event.

There was a pretty serious storm brewing - it flooded later in the afternoon - but that apparently makes the animals either active or lazy.

Can we talk about the funnel fries that are now available at the zoo? YUM!

Seriously. All of the animals were out. Except the giraffes.

We had such a fun morning with our little while the teen was sleeping in. We've had a bit more summer fun lately as well but the photo overload here has probably been enough for today. :)

And, yes, this picture is absolutely on of my favorites. EVER.