Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Prom 2K15

Last weekend was a big one for my oldest. You see, she got a very special invitation a few weeks ago...

...so she headed to prom with one of her good friends who happens to be quite the gentleman.

I won't say that prom dress shopping was easy but it was definitely memorable. We scoured Waco and ended up in Dallas one Sunday before we found "the one." Of course, we were in a bit of a pickle because we didn't really have time to order anything and she was afraid if she did get something in time, she might not like it. So we bought the one she liked and had it heavily altered. :)

And, in the end, she was STUNNING. If I do say so myself.

Her adorable date picked her up and we met them at Brazos Park East to take group photos. Unfortunately, Dave was sick AGAIN (they actually thought he had meningitis this time but turned out to be a virus that mimics meningitis - for. the. love.) so my parents took the baby for the day while I got ready with Taylor. They were able to come back and see her all gussied up for the big event, which was super fun.

I mean - are they not adorable?

T's sweet friend who is also a HOT Sweetheart.

The girls made all of the flowers on Thursday night before the prom. They did an amazing job. Three cheers for Floral Design, right? :)

Again with the cuteness. And check out those amazing shoes. Let's just say that she HAD TO HAVE THEM. And she will be wearing them to every prom she attends. She also took them off as soon as she got to the venue because her feet hurt. Shocking, huh? (And, yes, he carried her purse and - later - her shoes for her all evening.)

More fun shots...

...and these are the FFA girlies who show together.

Love this fun pic with the old truck one of the girls' dates brought along.

She had a blast and ended up tuckered out and came home much earlier than anticipated. But that's ok because she's a freshman. And there will be many more opportunities for her to keep me up all night making sure she's safe. :-)

So grateful she had this chance and that she's surrounded herself with an amazing group of friends. I marvel every day at how much more mature and level headed she is now than I was at her age. And I'm so very thankful that her priorities are not solely makeup and boys. Like her mother as a teenager.