Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Holiday Classic

Last weekend was another milestone for sweet Dottie as she competed in her first Holiday Classic. This two-day show is put on by 4-H and the Extension Agency and is one of our favorites each year. Tonto and Taylor decided to leave Sprocket at home so they could focus on the heifer. She's really a good girl and I think she's quite pretty as  well. :)

On Saturday, Tiny and I stayed at home so she could rest up from a week of daycare (she sleeps a LOT on Saturdays to compensate) and, honestly, I wasn't brave enough to wrestle the baby two days at a stock show. Just keeping it real.

So the big two headed down to Belton and got Dottie settled, visited with friends, enjoyed some clinics and the showmanship competition.

They also had lunch at an old favorite - Jody's - and introduced some of the girl's friends to the best cheeseburgers in the ENTIRE world. :)

Apparently Dottie took a short walk while they were out for lunch but she eventually settled in for the evening with some hay.

The next morning we were there bright and early getting ready for Class 3. And. She. Won. We were sooooo excited!!!

And then she went in for the champion drive for the American division and SHE WON AGAIN!!!

Taylor was THRILLED and it was so awesome to see her finally win one of the top prizes. Goats are fun, y'all, but we have never had a ton of success with them. That's one of the main reasons we decided to move over to heifers and it has definitely been worth it.

We waited around for the British and Exotic divisions because she was needed for the Supreme Drive. (!!!) Her first. :)

In the end, the British heifers took both Supreme and Reserve Supreme, which happens a lot because they're pretty and flashy, and the judge told Taylor he had Dottie third and ahead of the Exotic champ. So, basically, she was the third best heifer at the ENTIRE SHOW.

At the end of the day, Taylor and Dottie both gained some confidence, garnered their first champion tag and had fun in the process. That's a win all the way around, y'all. And I could not be more proud of either of them. :)