Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Day O' Mothers

So...Sunday was Mother's Day. In general, we're not big on elaborate celebrations. Just meeting up with my parents for linner (you know, between lunch and dinner) is par for the course. 

We all went to church that morning and, of course, Tiny looked ADORABLE in the blue dress that both Taylor and I wore home from the hospital. And she buried her face in Tonto's arm - face down - and went to sleep. The entire time. First of all, she NEVER does that when I have her there by myself. Second, no one got to see her dress. Stinker! :-)

But here's the dress...

We had a nice dinner (even though there was a VERY long wait) at Longhorn with my parents and I forced Taylor into a few selfies once we got home.

This one is actually more indicative of our personalities and relationship.

This girl is the embodiment of the following statement. Because all who know her realize she is NOT a rule follower. And cannot be forced into it. But she does love the Lord with all her heart.

We're also not big on huge gifts, which is why I was surprised to open a Pandora box and find this. Some know this story {it's an old one} but it's a good one so I'll tell it again. When Taylor was about 2, my mom took her to buy me a present (can't remember if it was Mother's Day, birthday, etc.) and asked T what she wanted to buy. Her response, "A heart because hearts mean I love you."

And a tradition was born. I have gotten hearts from that girl for EVERY occasion since. And. I. Love. It.

She picked out the heart charm on the left and obviously the one on the right is for Baby S. To say I love it would be an understatement. No matter any outcome, I will NEVER forget this Mother's Day.