Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Classic

Last weekend marked the last of many, many Saturdays that were consumed with either football (here, there and yonder) or stock shows. This time it was the Lorena Christmas Classic, which is held in McGregor (I know, I know...) but this is a fun little show that Taylor and I like this year. Even better was that Tonto was off this time around. Which meant this mom didn't have to haul goats on her own. Woo hoo!!!!

Taylor and her bud, E, had a great time together and both looked very nice in their show duds. 

Even if they did look more like 20 than 14. Be still my heart. Seriously.

Tonto spent hours (no, that is not a misprint) feeding Forrest and Jase alfalfa. To say he's a sucker for, well, any animal would be a very honest assessment.

I didn't take many pics of her in the ring because they all sort of end up looking the same. But she was very thankful her goat did not take off and run away like one of the other participants. She's already told me that she will literally leave the ring and let someone else wrangle her goat if Forrest tries those shenanigans so I always hold my breath. That would just be awkward. For ALL of us.

And, at the end of the day, I had a VERY happen girl on my hands because...

...she placed. And got a shiny yellow ribbon. It's not first. But it's progress. And she was ecstatic, which pretty much made my week.

I, for one, had NO IDEA goat raising was so stinkin' competitive until we were already fully entrenched. And while we're certainly not giving up the hobby, we're also in talks to make some modifications to where we house our animals so they can get proper (you know, what's actually recommended) exercise on a regular basis. That won't actually happen until next season's little fella (or fellas) arrive so, for now, we're thankful she got somewhat of a 'win.'

That smile was really all we needed to know it was a good day. And, yes, we celebrated. With Golden Corral. Which was totally her idea. And an idea I can't quite explain. Though I did enjoy the triple chocolate fountain. :-)