Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Phone Call

Got a call from this girl during the lunch hour today.

At first, I had a bit of anxiety. Was she sick? Or hurt? Both?

Then I realized if she was the one calling me, there had to be something else going on.

It was LOUD!!

And it went a bit like this:

Me: "Where are you, baby?"

Tay: "I'm at lunch."

Me: "Ok, so what's up?"

Tay: "I need to ask you a question."

At this point I'm thinking it must be a major question for her to take time out of her camp schedule to call me...

Me: "What's the question?"

Tay: "Well, we're wearing our camp t-shirts today instead of Friday. Had a change of plans."

Me: "Alright. Well, just wear what they ask you big deal..."

Tay: "So I wanted to ask you if the people who are doing the singing could sign my shirt."

Me: "Sure, baby - you can have anyone you want sign your camp shirt."

Tay: "Awesome. Thanks. That's all I wanted."

Me: "So, are you having fun? What have you been up to? Is it really exciting?"

Tay: "Yep. Bye."

Me: "I love you, baby."

Tay: Dial tone...

Ah, yes, even when she's away from home I still have a role to play. I mean, who can allow their camp shirt to be defaced without first asking your mother?

Just happy to know I'm still needed....

...although, given the huge decrease in our laundry this week, I know definitely know who wears the pants in the family. And I'm sure they'll want those pants cleaned when they get home.

So I'll be needed throughout the weekend as well. :-)

In all seriousness, though, it was great to hear from her. She's having a blast and so are we. But I will most definitely be ready watch her sleep this weekend as she's recovering from a week of non-stop activity.