Friday, February 12, 2010

Be My Valentine

After a delayed start to the school day due to snow (and you know the obligatory Texas snow pics are coming your way soon, right?), my girl headed off to school for her Valentine's Day snack and card exchange. They already have their allotted number of parties planned for the year so they couldn't use the "P" word.

No, I am not kidding.

And, no, I could not make that up.

For years I've scouted a shoe box and spent untold amounts of time working with the girl to add the appropriate amount of bling to said shoe box in order to transform it into a Valentine masterpiece. But guess what?

This year, my child asked me if she could just pick out a box at Hobby Lobby and then somehow add her name to it. She just wasn't up to be crafty as she planned to use all of her creative prowess to make homemade cards for her family. She also specifically pointed out that she would not be doing the same for her classmates.

"They're not family. They can handle a regular card from Wal-Mart. They only want the candy anyway."

Out of the mouths of babes, my friends. Out of the mouths of babes.

So we headed to ol' Hobby Lobby, where all of the V-Day stuff was 30% off and the girl picked out a box. It was $11.99 before the discount but do you think I cared? Nope.

She had no idea that price really didn't matter. What did matter is that, at least this once, I didn't have to figure out how to put a slit in the top of a shoe box with a knife while also praying that I wouldn't slice my finger off.

After a little glue and glitter to add her name, this was the finished product.
She plans to take the top off and lean it against the base. She even practiced a number of times at home to make sure she gets it "just so."
Assuming that all of the other parents were talked into purchasing bags of giant Smarties (or some other type of Valentine's Day sugar), this box will probably be bursting at the seams when I pick her up. 

As it should be.