Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Silly Sonic Run on a Sunday (for Sundaes)

A few weeks ago my sister-in-law, Diane, picked Miss Tay up after we got home from church and took her to lunch and then shopping for her birthday. She is the one who got her the super cute fur-lined hoodie you saw in the Christmas on 5th pictures. 

They had lunch at Red Lobster, hot chocolate at Barnes & Noble, did some make-up shopping and hit Marshall's, which is where they scored the awesome jacket. Not knowing that my little one had already ingested so much sugar (I was recovering from an upper respiratory infection), I decided to take her with me to satisfy the sweet craving that had been eating at me for days.

I've been working out really hard and trying (and succeeding to some degree) to lose weight so I don't keep sweets in the house anymore. So the satisfying of this sweet tooth required a trip to Sonic. She got a hot fudge sundae and I got the hot fudge sundae that includes bananas. Yum, yum, yum!

While we were enjoying our sweets, Tay got tickled. And I really don't even remember about what because we weren't talking about anything funny. Maybe the sugar rush had just become too much and overcome her little body. Who knows. What I do know is that the following pictures document an experience I had with my daughter on a cold Sunday evening at the Sonic in Hewitt, Texas, that I NEVER WANT TO FORGET.

She was absolutely hysterical and, because she was tickled, I got tickled and - well - you can imagine the riot that ensued. 


It was awesome.

Needed to document this occurrence for posterity. It was that good.

And now I shall resume the snickering that has been ongoing since I found out my husband was given a high-powered DIURETIC for his blood pressure that makes you DROWSY. Tell me that doesn't have comedic potential...


Katie said...

Who doesn't love a Sonic run!? I was just there today.; )

I remember all of the silly Sonic trips while I was at Baylor. Good times.

I love the pic for Reese's name gallery. So special having a picture from Baylor. Thank you so much, Casi. You have been a blessing from the moment I "met" you. ; )