Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

During our visit to Chritmas on 5th at Baylor last week, Tay and I ventured inside the SUB to check out some of the Christmas trees that had been decorated for all to enjoy. Quite frankly, it was super cold outside and we were looking for a few minutes of warm and cozy. We did enjoy the trees a great deal as well, though.


Can you tell she was less than enthusiastic about taking these photos? 

While miss Thang has written a letter to Santa and is expecting him to bring her a Wii this year, she  refused to talk with him in person. She did, however, insist on a photo of the big guy and Mrs. Claus. So, no, I have no idea who the woman is in the photo. Just focus on the figures in red :-)

To cap off our Baylor experience, I took the little one to IHOP for a mediocre dinner. If nothing else, it was authentic and we had a great time hanging out together as well. 

Hope you're enjoying the holiday season thus far - we're certainly doing our darndest to make up for last year when I had nose surgery and was out of commission while all of the fun activities were going on.